China’s One Child Policy (and the murder of 40% + of their children) Continues

China’s One Child Policy (and the murder of 40% + of their children) Continues


This morning our Product Manager told me that our most recent newsletter on why we don’t carry Chinese products elicited more response than ANY newsletter we have ever sent. All comments were positive about our stance.

Today I found an article talking about how over 13 million Chinese babies are killed through abortion every year. That number does not include those killed in rural areas or those killed by the 10 million abortifacient drugs sold in China each year.

And those reports about China relaxing its one-child policy?

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has affirmed that its one child policy will continue. The official state news agency reported that despite media-generated rumors of a relaxation to the rules, the policy will “be strictly enforced as a means of controlling births for decades to come as overpopulation is still a major concern.”

Despite claims by the United Nations Population Fund that the Chinese program no longer employs coerced abortion, an investigation by Population Research Institute (PRI) found earlier this year that the government continues to employ “crippling fines,” intimidation, pressure for sterilization and even the seizure of “illegal children” to force local people to comply. PRI’s Colin Mason, who headed up the investigation, told that “any and all official action concerning reproductive health and/or population control was entirely coercive and administrative in nature.”

Again, why wouldn’t you avoid buying as much as you can from there, especially Catholic products?

Ironically, we found out this morning that Catholic Book Publishing, a huge supplier of kids books and children’s missals, is moving all of its children’s products to China for production. Would you be willing to pay an additional .50 for a book if it wasn’t produced in China? We are but not enough people have expressed concern with publishers and manufacturers to convince them that their bottom line will actually suffer from these types of decisions.

If you like the Catholic Book Publishing children’s books, now would probably be a good time to buy them because we are going to be discontinuing all of them over the next few months as our supply runs out.

Your Money is Going to China. How Do You Feel About That?

We’re one of the few Catholic retailers who refuse to carry and sell items that are made in China. Does it matter to you where your money goes and what it ultimately supports? As a Catholic, it should matter quite a great deal to you. As with all things we do, we must consider the consequences of our actions.

Most cheap statues and rosaries, the awful plastic St. Joseph home-selling kit, virtually all plush toys, many children’s books (how ironic!) and so many more items are made in China. Be sure to check the label and ask the retailer where the item you are interested in comes from. Ask them why they are trading in Chinese goods. The answer may surprise you. It’s been difficult and costly for us to comb through thousands of products to make sure we don’t carry anything from China, but it is worth it. We’re not in Catholic retailing just to make money – we’re here to provide authentically Catholic products and to build up the Catholic faith – yours and ours.
We regularly post articles about the ongoing Chinese persecution of Catholics and the horrific crimes against the dignity of human life that seemingly never end. Read more here. You’ll be shocked at the magnitude and you’ll question the moral commitment of a Catholic retailer who trades in Chinese products, just to make a few extra dollars.
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Your Money is Going to China. How Do You Feel About That?

Chinese Horrors Continue

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You know things in China must really be bad when the secular media starts to take note of China’s abortion and child labor practices. HBO is showing a documentary next week that includes film shot by people posing as tourists about the Chinese child slave trade and the forced abortion and selective abortion practices in China.

There really isn’t any excuse to be buying Catholic products from a country that has such a horrible anti-morality pervading the country.

How Ironic


Isn’t it funny how these things work?

It’s the same situation with that cheap plastic statue you just bought at your local “Christian” store.  You may be against the whole situation in China, but you can’t really can’t change it on your own.  That dinky cheap crucifix you just bought (you know, the one with the “Made in China” sticker on the back) they can’t even buy in China.  How about rosaries, bibles, or scapulars? They can get you in trouble, even jail time and beatings.  So why is a country that tries really hard to stamp out Christianity and Catholicism the largest producer of cheap religious articles?  Maybe we should try to figure that out.

Would You Please Contact Catholic Book Publishing?


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.

Hi Everyone,

We have been purchasing books from Catholic Book Publishing for years now. We have been in an ongoing discussion with them about their move to print more and more of their products in China. The official answer from the company is that quality trumps any human rights violations that China engages in. Today we had to discontinue eleven more books that have switched printing from Korea to China.

Could you politely write to Catholic Book Publishing and let them know that you would be happy to pay a couple of dollars more per book if they would stop printing in China?

Posting this on our blog could result in them canceling our account as they have threatened to do in the past over this issue. However, we believe that the Chinese problem is far more important than our ability to order their products direct.

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