Chinese Persecution

And We Were SO Close to Buying Stuff From China!

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But then they decided to blow up a Marian Shrine.

Suppliers Keep Asking Us Why We Don’t Buy Chinese


I really have no idea.

Have I Ever Mentioned That We Don’t Buy Chinese?


Just another day in China.

I'm Glad Our Products Don't Help Pay For This


Since we started our company we have had a policy that prohibits carrying Chinese made products. Every time I read an article like this I am glad we instituted it.

I realize that it is almost impossible to not buy Chinese products in some way but if you are careful you can avoid them in almost everything. You just have to care enough to take the time.

Not bothered enough? How about the harvesting of organs from live political prisoners? (H/T Abbey Roads)

Why We Don't Sell Chinese Products

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But of course, this doesn’t go on anymore.

Why We Don’t Carry Products From China (Reason 1)


This article doesn’t really address the whole “what happens when you get pregnant again?” issue because it would be a little inconvenient to bring up things like forced abortions, forced sterilizations, infanticide and imprisonment with the country that the United States has the largest trade deficit with.

Because of the decision not to carry Chinese products, we have had to sacrifice selection in areas such as statues and coloring books. However, we are constantly looking for other sources and can say that because of our decision to not buy Chinese products, our product quality is much higher than many other stores.

We hope you appreciate our decision and that you will continue to pray for the conversion of China and other countries where abortion is legal and Christians are persecuted.