Chinese Persecution

More Good News From China


If you want to keep enforcing the one-child policy.

Do You Want to Know Why Your Catholic Statue Is So Inexpensive?


It’s because in China it takes a factory worker two weeks to earn enough to buy a Big Mac.

Now, as a Catholic shopper it seems that supporting this type of exploitation by buying such products would violate several Catholic principles of  just labor.

Next time you are in a Catholic store, ask if the stuff you are buying is made somewhere where the people are actually paid a living wage.

Chinese Persectuion Continues…


Hope you’re enjoying your Chinese Nativity. What a bargain!

Catholic priest imprisoned for being Catholic.

Need Another Reason to Not Buy From China?


How do you feel about that crucifix you bought being made in a Chinese sweat shop?

There’s a reason we don’t buy Chinese and it isn’t product quality.

China – Home to Panda Bears, Rice and Coercive Family Planning


In America you get bad credit ratings for things like not paying your bills and having too many credit cards. In China you get bad credit ratings by having more than one kid. How many babies do you think are aborted each year because of government policies like this?

Chinese Hospitality


You would think he would have learned his lesson but Bishop Han just wouldn’t stop being Catholic. Now he’s dead. In China.

Enjoying your cheap porcelain Nativity set now?

Okay, One More Time. Why Do You Have Products Made In China?


It must be because of China’s history of religious freedom. Or not.

No, it must be because China has decided to recognize Taiwan’s independence. Or not.

Social Justice – In China!


Yep, just when you thought the Chinese government was just a bunch of corrupt murderers, they have taken on a kinder, gentler face. Now they are concerned with social justice. How exactly? By fining rich people more than they fine regular people for violating the one-child policy.

I’m sure that this won’t lead to more abortions and sterilizations.

Got to Love the Chinese Government


So, just how dangerous was that new letter to China that the Pope issued last week? Dangerous enough to get it banned from Chinese websites.

But, as some Catholic gift suppliers have told us, the factories there are run humanely and follow proper safety procedures, so it’s all good. Unless you are making bricks. Or fireworks. Or fur coats. Or toothpaste. Or cough medicine. Or pet food. Or processing fish. But apart from that, everything is fine. Unless you have a problem with China threatening military action against Taiwan.

But apart from child slavery, cruelty to animals, toxins in your medicine and food, the destruction of Marian shrines, threats of military force against Taiwan, the imprisonment of Catholic bishops, the burning of churches, forced organ harvesting, forced sterilization and abortion and the persecution of Christians in general, everything is fine in China.

I can’t understand why anyone would have a problem buying products from there.

So If You Don’t Buy Chinese, Where Do You Go?


My wife is asking the question at her blog. Go help her out.