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Catholic Publishers’ Blogs – Where are they?


I’ve recently started using a blog feed service called Feedly (more about that in another post) to organize and keep tabs on all the blogs I like to read. One of the things I decided to do was visit all the publisher websites I could to get links to their blog feeds. After visiting nearly twenty publishers’ websites I was only able to find four blogs, two of which aren’t directly related to the published titles. I was really pretty surprised. Many have Facebook and Twitter accounts which I’m going to spend some time reviewing in a future post but when it comes to actual “meat” about what they do, publishers are very quiet. Go to our website and get casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Ignatius Press has really been at the forefront of digital technology among Catholic publishers for a long time. I think they were the first Catholic publisher to sell e-books, they have been blogging at Ignatius Insight for nine years and have done a great job of mixing posts about Catholic current events with product promotion through book quotes and author posts.

Very nice website and content

Very nice website and content

Image Books has been blogging since the relaunch of the imprint two years ago. They keep their posts more tightly focused on topics related to their titles but still have a lot of interesting material. An odd thing about their blog is that there isn’t any way to browse the archive or browse by categories or topics. Still, the site is one of the best Catholic publisher sites I’ve seen. Apart from a simply beautiful design, they have more material from their books than any other Catholic publisher – excerpts, videos and reading guides.

Liguori has a blog written by Fr. Don, a Redemptorist priest, at Kinda Catholic.  The blog has interesting content and a regular Q&A column but, strangely, has almost no references to the fact that this is a Liguori blog. I don’t understand why Liguori doesn’t do more to promote their titles on the blog, even with book covers in the sidebar.

Liturgical Press blogs at Pray Tell. Their blog primarily stays on the topic liturgy and they post reviews of their books, even ones that aren’t the most flattering.

Apart from that, I wasn’t able to find another Catholic publisher with a blog. Have you seen any? I’d love to highlight them if they exist.

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