So today was the second full day of the International Christian Retail Show. Our morning presentation was on why retail stores need to have an Internet presence. If you think your store doesn’t need a website you aren’t facing reality.

After my talk Zondervan hosted a delicious lunch and several of their reps sat with the attendees and talked about the industry and what Catholic stores are looking for. I think they were trying to learn more about the Catholic market than anything else.

We also met a couple that is on fire with a vision for a new Catholic store that they want to start in Dallas. They’re young and I think they could pull off something really wonderful down there.

Today I spent some time wandering the show floor so I put together a few clips of  some of the displays.

After lunch I did several interviews with vendors. My first one was with Influence Resources. They are an official publishing imprint of the Assemblies of God that only started two years ago.

Next I interviewed Johanna Inwood who is the director of marketing for the revitalized Image Books imprint from Random House.

I had already missed the march of the ducks at the hotel twice in the evenings so was determined to be there for it this time. I took a video of the tradition but the video clearly shows that I could never get a job as a paparazzi.

Since the 1930’s when a drunk general manager and friend returned from a hunting trip and thought putting live ducks into the Peabody fountain was a good idea, the hotels have had daily processions of ducks to the main fountain every morning and evening.

After the duck march I headed over to the Siam Thai restaurant to meet the Mike and Michelle from Catholic Word for dinner.

Dinner at the Siam Thai Restaurant


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