Again, Why Would You Move Manufacturing to China?

by Ian on October 22, 2009

Maybe because things like having three priests arrested and then having the arrest denied by the Chinese officials doesn’t bother you that much. Go to our website and get casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The whereabouts of three “underground” priests in northern China, detained by police months ago, are still unknown while another has apparently been persuaded to join the “open” Church, say sources.

Fathers Liu Jianzhong, Zhang Cunhui and Zhong Mingchang of Xuanhua diocese were taken away by plainclothes police on June 8, June 14 and Sept. 16 respectively.

Local Church sources said that when the priests’ family members went to government departments to enquire about them, the authorities denied detaining them and refused family requests to help locate them.

Meanwhile, Father Simon Zhang Jianlin, who was taken by police in July, is under house arrest in a county government building. Sources say he has been “brainwashed” and has been persuaded to join the Catholic Patriotic Association, but he is allowed to receive visitors in the premises.

Their bishop is 80 and is in hiding.

I can understand that when some products like the lousy CFL lightbulbs that the government in its wisdom is forcing everyone to use are only made in China you don’t have a choice about your purchasing. But when options are available why would China even be on the list?

Source: Union of Catholic Asian News

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