Possible Glimmers of CPSIA Hope?

by Ian on January 31, 2009

A couple of important updates today in the fight against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act silliness. Go to our website and get casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. Hurry up to go and start winning.

First, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that it is postponing enforcement of some testing certification until 2/10/2010 in order to produce some rational, clear guidelines for the requirements. Unfortunately, this change doesn’t cover children’s jewelry (is a rosary considered jewelry?) and some other things which still have the same testing dates. The other problem, as pointed out in this commentary, is that resellers are still responsible for not selling items that don’t meet the new guidelines even though testing isn’t required for another year. No, it doesn’t make any sense.

The other bit of possible good news is that Senator DeMint is introducing legislation next week that looks like it was written by everyone who has been suggesting rational changes to the law. While this is definitely a good step, it will face serious opposition since the primary sponsors of the original legislation were Democrats and Senator DeMint is a Republican. The Democrats are also much less likely to play nice after being forced to take full responsibility for the spending frenzy that passed the House this week.

So what does this mean for our store? Well, it looks like we can continue to carry kids things that any rational person (this doesn’t include Congress) assumes don’t contain lead at least until next February when everything has to be certified. So it looks like books, t-shirts and paper craft kits are back on the menu! We still won’t be able to carry jewelry and toys from vendors that don’t get certified but part of our problems seem to be alleviated. For now.

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