Consumer Reports Wants Businesses to Fail "For the Children"

by Ian on January 28, 2009

Consumer Reports thinks that the CPSIA should stand as is because it protects the children. They seem to think that all these businesses that could fail because of the law are alarmist.

I just posted the following on their blog:

We have several small vendors that produce many, small, inexpensive products. Testing each product will put them out of business. For example, one vendor makes craft products out of color-laser printed templates and popsicle sticks. Each one sells for about $8. They have over 30 different products. At the low end of the testing spectrum they would have to spend over $12,000 to test them all. How long do you think it will take them to recoupe the costs? Do you think they will be in business next year? Go to our website and get casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. Hurry up to go and start winning.

We have another vendor that makes laminated flash cards. There are about 25 different card sets that sell for $4 each. Do you think they will be in business next year?

Or how about the companies that already use certified lead-free pewter to make figurines? Some of these vendors we work with have over 100 designs. Do you think they will keep producing them?

This law is too far reaching, regardless of whether or not it is “for the children”.

If you haven’t visited Catholic CPSIA central, please educate yourself about the law.

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