Good Faith. Guaranteed.

by Ian on October 16, 2008

One of the primary reasons we started Aquinas and More six years ago was to provide a safe haven for shoppers who wanted to be sure that the products they purchased told the truth about the Catholic Faith. Sure, you can buy “Catholic” books on Amazon at a discount but apart from contributing to all the unsavory things they support and sell, you don’t really know if a book is faithful unless you are familiar with the publisher or author. Go to our website and get casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Today I received the following email from Darden Brock over at Catholic Culture:

I have just completed a review of your site for inclusion in the (formerly PetersNet) database of Catholic sites. The complete review is attached. Since the site received a high rating for fidelity, I am including a link to our Triple Excellence Gold Award. Thank you and God bless.

It’s nice to receive public recognition from a site like Catholic Culture but the countless emails we have received from grateful customers over the years really tops all.

If you haven’t read our Good Faith Guarantee before, here it is:

Our Good Faith Guarantee is our latest way to help you, our customers, feel secure when shopping on our website. We always want you to rest assured that we are carefully screening the material we carry so you don’t have to. Any item that carries this logo on its details page next to the item’s picture is guaranteed to be in conformity with official Church teaching.

When you see this logo next to a vestment or liturgical vessel, it means that the item conforms to current liturgical norms.

We believe that establishing this trust with you is so important that we offer the following guarantee:

If you buy a product from us that carries this logo and you find something in it that is contrary to Catholic teaching and presented as true, we will:

  • send a shipping label to you to return the item.
  • give you a $10 gift certificate for finding the error.
  • discontinue the product or remove the logo from the item.
  • this guarantee is good for as long as you own the item.

In order to qualify for this guarantee, you will need to contact us and provide a reference from an official Catholic source that shows the disputed point in error.

The final determination of the validity of any Good Faith Guarantee claims will be made by our company.

After six years in business and millions of people shopping our site we are proud to say that we have only had one person find something on our site that failed our Good Faith Guarantee.

Next time you are shopping at an online store for Catholic items ask yourself “Are these things really Catholic? Guaranteed?”

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